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Some thieves will stop at nothing to steal your expensive iPad. In the case of 59 year old Bill Jordan (pictured right), the thief not only stole his iPad, but part of his left pinky finger.

The story, according to Denver’s KDVR, goes like this: last Thursday, Jordan went to the Cherry Creek Mall in order to buy an iPad from the Apple store. After Jordan purchased his Apple tablet, he wrapped the bag holding the iPad around his fingers so he wouldn’t drop it.

Eventually, Jordan left the mall. He didn’t know, however, that a thief was tailing him with the intent of stealing his iPad. He was spun around by the thief, and a struggle ensued. The thief kept pulling on the bag — so hard in fact that it stripped the flesh from Jordan’s pinky finger, all the way to the bone. The finger had to be amputated.

If that mental image doesn’t make you shudder, then you have a sturdier stomach than I do. The suspect has yet to be caught.

The iPad is an expensive object that criminals will steal if given the chance, just like your smartphone, laptop or iPod. Take care and be cautious when you’re carrying your iPad around. And, of course, always be aware of your surroundings.

[img credit: KDVR]

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