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A little levity in the morass of viral parodies: Sesame Street recently released its take on the now-famous Google Search commercial with two spots starring the Cookie Monster and Bert.

Sesame Street has really gotten into the social media game in recent years: its Twitter is cute, relevant and totally in character; Elmo has his own iPhone app; and characters have even appeared as Google logos. Yeah, puppets are so hot right now.

And lest we forget — Sesame Street’s spiritual siblings, the Muppets (also created by Jim Henson), have been tearing up YouTube lately with their musical stylings; they’re even up for a Webby for their rendition of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

The most recent addition to the puppet-meets-social-media canon is now here. I greatly enjoy the Cookie Monster’s spin (even if one search query contains a grammatical error).

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