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In May, Hulu plans to start testing a subscription service for a monthly fee of $9.95, claims the L.A. Times, citing people familiar with the plans.

Currently, Hulu viewers can see the five most recent episodes of popular shows such as Glee and Lost. The subscription service, called Hulu Plus, would enable users to see older episodes of these shows.

Although unconfirmed, this news is on track with a previous report that said that Hulu was planning to launch a subscription service in a matter of months. Back then, it was speculated that the monthly fee would be $4.99, but the price of access to unlimited TV shows seems to have risen in the last couple of months.

If it’s real, Hulu Plus is perfectly aligned with the launch of iPad 3G; the two could be a fantastic combination for accessing your favorite TV shows from any location. The monthly fee, however, is not negligible.

When we first wrote about Hulu’s possible subscription service, we asked you if you’d pay $4.99 for it, and many of you answered yes. How do you feel about a $9.95 fee for unlimited TV shows on Hulu? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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