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If you lose an iPhone – especially a next generation iPhone prototype – does that make you an iPhone loser? Cruel puns aside (we’re sure that Gray Powell, the Apple employee who misplaced the phone at a German beer bar in California, has heard a fair share already), it seems that such a mistake can also land you (pun intended) a free flight to Germany and some complimentary beer from Lufthansa.

Although the connection between Lufthansa (the airline), the iPhone and German beer is not immediately apparent, Lufthansa has recently opened a Bavarian Beer Garden Business Lounge in Munich. Thus Lufthansa’s marketing director for the Americas, Nicola Lange, decided to invite Powell to Munich and enjoy some beer at Lufthansa’s expense.

The letter, shared by Lange on Twitter, reads: .

“I recently read in the news that you lost a very special phone at a German beer bar in California…At Lufthansa we also noted with great interest your passion for German beer and culture. We thought you could use a break soon–and therefore would like to offer you complimentary business class transportation to Munich, where you can literally pick up where you last left off.”

If Powell decides to accept this offer, we presume he’ll be leaving any device prototypes at home.

[via CBS News]

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