Nobody Can Stop Facebook Because Nobody Understands Facebook

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Can companies turn confusion into a competitive advantage? It occurred to me when attempting to explain Facebook’s Open Graph this week that the social web has become increasingly complex — relating the full implications to a broad audience is a Herculean feat.

How do you explain the Open Graph to the average user so he or she can make an informed decision? Should we take pains to differentiate between the “Open Graph API” and the “Open Graph Protocol”, or should we just gloss over the specifics to make the story halfway digestible to a reader who isn’t either a web developer or a social media professional?

Every time Facebook changes its privacy settings, we write a 500+ word post explaining what all the dials mean. Every time, it’s massively popular — Sunday’s article “HOW TO: Disable Facebookโ€™s Instant Personalizationโ€ has more than 4500 Facebook shares. Why the high demand for an explanation of what all this stuff means?

Have the nuances of online privacy become so complex that they’re beyond the comprehension of mere mortals? I’m not saying that Facebook has any intent to cause confusion, but the complexities of the open vs closed debate and the prescriptive vs descriptive nature of the “everybody” setting effectively act to shut down public discourse.

Perhaps this paves the route to success: After all, how can anyone stop Facebook if no one understands Facebook?

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  1. Please Help?! Nobody is answering!!!? a little bit ago this guy and i admitted that we liked each other on facebook…so i had a bonfire and invited him and some other friends on sunday. It seemed like one of the other guys i had invited was kind of battling with him for my attention, but maybe its just my imagination. So, he was flirting with me a lot and let me listen to his ipod with him and he likes songs that i like!!! (Ex: My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion and other more modern songs) And he showed me that the background on his ipod was my picture! ๐Ÿ™‚ This is the first time we’ve hanged out since school let out and my ex wasnt hovering around me cuz i didnt invite him. So, it gave us a chance to just talk. He had to leave early and his dad like came back to where we were and was all weird about the fire…which is understandable cuz the guy im talking about was burned at a party bonfire….and he was adopted…But we walked behind our parents to his car, but like halfway he stopped me and said,"wait, i want you to hold onto this for me" and i was like "what? wait, what is this?" and it was his class ring!!!!!! so he said,"im gonna have to see you again to get it back, right?" and i said,"yeah" and he said,"or you could keep it". I didnt know what to say! like, he just started walking again cuz i guess he didnt want his dad to see…and he didnt give me a hug before he got in his car…but he did before we started heading towards his car…another thing i think he didnt want his parents to see….they kind of didnt give me a very good feeling…like his dad asked me "are you (my name)?" I never said what my name was!!! and I said, "Yes" with a smile and he looked at me like i was a convict or something!!! When i went back to my other friends and showed them they were like, that means he likes you!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ And they asked me if we were like a thing now and i said "idk" because i really dont know! Now, he hasnt asked me out yet…but if he does i want to tell him i just want to date him for a while and not be a "gf" but im like 99% sure i wont date anybody but him….do u think he will understand this? Oh! and he is still "married" to some girl on facebook, which he told me was a joke before all of this happened but i still dont like it.Especially since he told me he was having trouble deciding who he really liked out of multiple girls,including me…and he told me, "btw, i choose you!" over facebook before i invited him….OH! and he sent me a message yesterday that incase i didnt understand, he would be gone till friday without any way to talk to me….then he said Love ya!!!! He said Love ya!!!!!!! I dont know what to think about this whole thing!!!!! what do you think?!?!?!

  2. I think you’re a rambling idiot. You should try braking up your posts into multiple paragraphs so people can actually read it. You also could have cut out over 90% of the content in that post. Nobody wants to read your stream of consciousness.
    Also, I couldn’t really care less what becomes of this, and neither does anybody else. Sounds like you’re both dumbasses. You’re perfect for each other.
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  3. your question is amazingly long if it takes that long to spit it out your doomed for failure call him and speak your mind
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  4. Obvious he has lots of girls who adore him.
    And "Love Ya!" you can say to anyone.
    So….just wait and see what the future will bring.
    In the meantime make fun and enjoy your life.
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  5. He is just flirting around.
    i did the same with a girl too.
    He probably is just having fun messing with your mind.
    Just be careful if you might date him in the future.
    P.S, I hope he likes you coz by the style of your writing it’s pretty obvious that you do.
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  6. you must be tired to type so much …(i read them!>_< )

    i think he might is a playboy .
    by your words
    i guess he is handsome.(if i were you i would love him too)
    so ,x__x
    do not ro worry your nervous is common
    because you know him by facebook .
    i never think that a good way to make a new bf ?-?)
    that too speed to learn yourself carefully
    this times’ boys all like this
    they can have many gf at the same time
    (that’s make me crazy(?-?)/
    they feel that’s cool .(ยฐ ?ยฐ)~@ mad…
    so …
    you can find a better guy .
    and .
    break up him

    luck lovely!^?-
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  7. Just simply tell him you like and want to take things slow. If he asks you to be his girlfriend say the same thing. Lets take it slow and see where this goes. you don’t want to rush things cause they never work out that way.
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  8. sounds like he likes you, he wants to be your boyfriend seeings how he gave you his for the other girl he obviously wants you more…just go out with him if you’re 99% sure you wont date anyone else then why not just commit to him?
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  9. OH MY GOD! You are sooo lucky! He really likes you. But if he asks you out say "I don’t really know because you said you have multiple girls to choose from and I don’t want to be the back-up." Because he might be a player. Haha good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  10. I think it’s sweet how you he gave you his class ring ๐Ÿ™‚ He’s only got one of those and he gave it to you, not those other girls! It’s obvious you guys like each other, go on a few dates and see how it feels. Just tell him you don’t want to put a name on your relationship yet, and that you want to take things slow. Good luck ๐Ÿ™‚
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  11. Wow to much writing and punctuation jesus id be asleep if i read it all sorry maybe if you write a shorter versions id comment and help you ๐Ÿ™‚ x
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  12. i really think he likes you, he is obviously a lady’s man and it just depends on how he said ‘love ya’ if it was quick then it could just be a friend ‘love ya’ but if he said it with a good smile then that means he is into you, i think you should ask him if he wants to hang out with you (just the two of you) and during your time alone you can tell him you like him and if he doesn’t respond good then you know he is a player!
    hope i have helped you ๐Ÿ™‚
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    can you help me with my question too?

  13. if he takes too long deciding he might be trying to keep you all sweet. in which case, forget him and his selfish ways.
    but it does sound like he likes you. see where it goes.
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  14. first off what kind of guy likes celien dion? lol he must really like you and to have your pic on his ipod is a huge neon sign! he gave you his class ring so you have something of his. interesting…but all those girls he likes? he could be a player. just be careful and make sure his intentions are good and then go for it! good luck.
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  15. I am sorry to say but it seems like he is just playing with your head. in fact maybe he his still with his wife and the reason the parents looked at you like that was because they see you as breaking up the marriage. If his still married Run and dont look back. The fact that he couldn’t decided who he wanted shows that he is just playing games.
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  16. he likes you. you like him. what else do you need to know?
    ๐Ÿ™‚ good luck, by the way.
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