Early adopters, it’s time to rejoice: Mozilla has officially released the “pre-alpha” of Firefox for Android — aka Fennec. It is available now for testing.

The early build, revealed by Mozilla developer Vladimir Vuki?evi?, is part of an effort by Mozilla to test the mobile browser with a broader set of users. In his words, it is “usable enough that we wanted to get some feedback on it.”

Vuki?evi? stresses in his blog post though that Fennec on Android is pre-alpha, providing several warnings about this release. Because it is such an early release and it still has bugs, it can cause Android phones to crash, requiring a reboot. Memory usage is not yet optimized, links from other apps can’t be opened using Fennec, and it has only been tested on the Motorola Droid and Nexus One.

The pre-alpha build does come with some interesting features, though. Vuki?evi? specifically highlights compatibility with Weave, which synchronizes bookmarks and tabs across multiple browsers.

Let’s be clear: this app is very, very early stage and runs best on Nexus One phones or faster — my test run of Fennec on my Droid was a very slow and bug-filled experience. This is to be expected though from a pre-alpha build, which is exactly why Mozilla opened up the app for testing.

Are you going to install Firefox for Android? If you do download Firefox for Android, let us know what you think of it in the comments.

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