Apple could put its next-generation iPhone on sale during the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC), sources familiar with the situation have told us. That date could be June 7th, the likely date of the WWDC keynote.

Over the last two years, Apple has revealed both the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3GS at WWDC. However, the release of the actual iPhone hardware has traditionally come a few weeks after the announcement. Our sources say that Apple may break that tradition this year by shortening the timetable. An immediate release would also break another tradition: Apple fans camping out in front of Apple stores just so they can get their hands on the company’s newest product.

We were already pretty sure that the new iPhone would be released in June — AT&T employees have been blocked from taking vacations during the month of June, something that has only occurred during previous iPhone launches.

However, this year’s iPhone launch has been complicated by the leak of the iPhone prototype, which has sparked a criminal investigation. Now that details surrounding the next-generation iPhone are public knowledge, Apple may be looking to get more traction with a more immediate release of the new iPhone, rather than a delayed one.

We want to be clear: even if Apple does intend to launch the new iPhone on the same day as the keynote, it does not mean that it will. Hardware issues, software bugs, and supply chain scarcity always affect launch dates. The first half of June seems like iPhone D-Day, though.

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