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Renegade entrepreneur and Plentyoffish CEO Markus Frind doesn’t take kindly to legal threats — especially when those threats come from competitor and foe

After a receiving a letter from demanding that he “cease and desist” from making “false claims” about its business, Frind published the letter on his blog along with comScore data that shows that Plentyoffish is the number one online dating site in terms of average daily visitors.

Frind also makes note of the failure of Match-spinoff, as well as attacks what he believes to be the company’s own misleading claims.

The letter in question claims that Plentyoffish is making more than several bogus claims about its dating service on its website or via advertising. The letter demands that Frind either remove the claims or substantiate them by sending proof to general counsel Marshall Dye.

Frind’s response indicates that he has no intention of providing anything to other than an accusatory response symbolic of a virtual middle finger. Frind writes that, “This letter is beyond ironic considering match’s history of bogus claims… If we actually look at what claims it gets into the absurd.”

The bottom line is that shouldn’t be waiting for any proof in the mail, but the ball has been slammed back in its court now. Time will tell whether or not takes additional legal avenues to procure the information it seeks.

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