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The Layar Augmented Reality Browser apps for the iPhone and Android provide virtual 3D information overlays on top of the real world, as seen from the camera lens of your mobile device. Today the company introduced a content store so that consumers can purchase additional layers of information to add to their dual-world experience.

At launch, the new content store includes paid layers from four partners that provides extra info to help app users better navigate the real world. The store is available now on all Android devices pending upgrade, and will be available as a part of its iPhone app in the near future.

Layar’s content store is designed to be friendly to both developers and consumers. Consumers can opt to buy these third-party-created layers in-app via Paypal and add additional content — think nearby food and beverage details, event info and venue-specific attractions — to their experience of the real world.

On the flip side, developers and publishers who use the content store to sell their data overlays will take home 60% of the net proceeds from sales. From the sound of it, publishers looking to profit by augmented reality are only limited by their creativity and their ability to provide content layers that consumers want to pay for.

As an example, launch partner Mouse Reality has made a $3.45 Disneyland layer that serves as a pocket and parent-friendly park guide with 2,700 points of interest, including shows, shops, dining options, rides and other attractions.

The content store is a certainly a smart way for Layar to stimulate interesting content development and profit by their augmented reality browser. What types of layers would you pay to add to your augmented reality browser? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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