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Microsoft’s Courier was supposed to be the tablet of the future, Microsoft’s answer (and challenger) to Apple’s iPad, with two screens, multi-touch support, camera and a bunch of other goodies.

But now, close on the heels of a rumor that HP might be giving up on a Windows 7-powered tablet, we know that Courier wasn’t meant to be. With its demise the inevitable truth comes out: All those devices that were supposed to “kill” the iPad now have to be rethought and redesigned, because no one was really sure what Apple planned to do with the iPad. Sure, it now seems obvious (it’s a big iPhone, duh), but history repeats: When iPhone came out, it took the competition years to catch up.

It’s simple, really. Although Windows 7 has touch support, no version of Windows was really designed to offer an experience similar to the iPad. Now, it’s back to the drawing board for companies that planned to release an iPad killer. For HP, the drawing board will probably be webOS; for others, it may be Android. Still, once again it might take some time until the competition catches up with the iPad.

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