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Last week, Facebook unveiled its universal “like” button, furthering its goal of world domination in the process. Thus, it was inevitable that someone, somewhere would develop the universal “dislike” button., which is powered by German identity manager, is really more proof of concept than something that is ever likely to be largely used or integrated, however.

OpenDislike is the most recent example of tools that aim to fill the void of an official ability to “dislike” content or comments on Facebook. Last fall, we reported on the Facebook Dislike Firefox plugin and before that the Thradsy dashboard, but OpenDislike is interesting because it mimics the implementation and functionality of Facebook’s official like buttons.

Like the official solution, you can add a “dislike” button to a website by pasting in a line of code and modifying the URL to point to that page or article. Of course, users have to log in to their yiid account for the yiid buttons to work, and although you can link your yiid and Facebook accounts, it won’t offer a universal experience to anyone but other yiid users.

Even if this doesn’t have a lot of real-world use, we love the concept. Would you like a universal dislike button to be usable across Facebook? Let us know!

[Img: striatic on Flickr]

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