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If you’ve ever wanted to have more real-time interaction for your Facebook Page or Group, or even just for you and your friends, give Clobby a try. This newly launched application will let you conduct massively multiplayer chats right from your Facebook page.

It’s an interesting idea for engaging people around a topic, an event or a piece of content, such as a news article or video. Users can host virtual parties and integrate Clobby for real-time interaction with their fans and friends.

This app has a simple, non-distracting UI that represents a good blend of familiar group chat interfaces and the even more familiar Facebook interface; it merely adds a “Chat” tab to the upper part of a Facebook page. Here’s what a group chat with Clobby looks like:

Adding Clobby is an easy 2-click process. One click authorizes Clobby to access the Facebook page, and a second click adds the “Chat” tab to the profile or page in question. Any administrator of the Facebook page (or if the chat is on a profile, the owner of that profile) can act as a chat admin, as well. Admins can also add other Facebook users as moderators. Offending chat trolls can be warned, kicked out or banned.

WalkieTalkie, a somewhat similar application, allows for voice group chat on Facebook — but especially for larger groups, voice chat could get literally and figuratively noisy.

While we love the idea, we’re not sure about the future of Clobby. If this feature becomes popular and proves monetizable, it’s possible that Facebook would choose to make group chat an official feature of the network’s web and mobile interfaces. And we’re not sure about Clobby’s revenue model. We do know it’s not more than a month or so old, and it’s a product of as-yet unlaunched software shop SixTakes.

We’re also not sure whether chats are public or private. As you’re probably aware, the difference between public and private Facebook data — and whether users know if their data is public or private — is a subject that’s come up a lot lately in discussions about Facebook features, particularly Pages.

We’ll see how Clobby adoption goes; in the meantime, try the app out and let us know what you think about it. Is this something you’d use for your profile page? If you own a small business, would you use this app on your Facebook page?

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