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So, now that the iPad 3G is finally available, what everyone wants to know is: how well is this thing selling?

According to Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster, it’s selling great, pretty much the same as the 3G-less iPad, with about 300,000 sold on launch weekend.

Munster surveyed 50 Apple stores to get this number, and judging by what he found, the iPad 3G is essentially sold out (only one store out of 50 didn’t sell all the iPads it had in stock by Sunday). Based on these numbers, Munster puts the overall number of iPads sold at over 1 million, predicting overall sales in 2010 to be 4.3 million iPads.

If Apple indeed sold 1 million iPads, will probably hear it from Apple very soon, as the company likes to brag with big numbers. On the other hand, Munster was wrong before, so we should probably take his estimates with a grain of salt.

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