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Mobile shopping company miBuys conducted a survey of 1,600 women on mobile phones and found that the overwhelming majority of them were open to more mobile marketing and mobile shopping.

These respondents love using the mobile web overall, this study shows; 94% said they even use their phones to surf even when they’re at home and nearby much more powerful devices, such as laptop and desktop PCs. These heavy mobile users are big on social sites — 86% access Facebook, Twitter or similar networks on their mobiles — and 93% said they’d feel lost without their cell phones.

Moving to another segment of the Venn diagram of women, cell phones and shopping, 74% of these same mobile-loving women said they sometimes shop for splurge items they might not necessarily need. The majority of these women also said they’d be open to learning about discounts, deals and event promotions on their phones.

MiBuys CEO Mark Bamber said in a release, “This research sends a clear message to advertisers that women are already engaged and eager to explore new cell phone services. It also supports our belief that cell phones and portable devices can already play a significant role in connecting retail brands with their customers. It is perceived that women are only just embracing cell phone services, but the truth is they’re already well beyond this point and now want access to the entire high street through their cell phone”.

Here are some other findings from the survey:

85% use the mobile Internet almost daily

70% expect their mobile internet usage to increase in the future

84% have noticed mobile advertising, and 57% have clicked on mobile advertising

67% are interested in receiving mobile coupons or vouchers

93% are always on the lookout for bargains

93% like being up-to-date with new technology

We want to know from our female readers, do you agree with these findings? Would you like to use your phone for more shopping, or do you have more practical tasks in mind for your mobile web browsing?

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