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A month ago, Facebook began phasing out the Facebook Fan Page, changing the action of “becoming a fan” to “liking.” The change was part of a broader plan to spread the Like button across the web and to lower the barrier for users to become connected with brands.

Not everyone “likes” Facebook’s small but important wording change, though. Now that we’ve had a month to digest the changes that the social network has implemented with Facebook Pages, we wanted to ask you: which wording do you prefer?

The debate between “like” and “fan” is the subject of this week’s Web Faceoff, our weekly poll series pitting two web apps against each other. Do you like the change, or are you loyal to the fan page until the end of time?

Cast your vote in the poll below. You have until 12:00 PM PT on Friday to cast your ballot. Don’t forget to leave your reasoning in the comments!

Which do you prefer: Facebook Like or Facebook Fan?customer surveys

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