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If the “accept” bug we encountered this week taught us anything about Twitter, it showed us who users are most desperate to have follow them back.

As a refresher, yesterday’s bug allowed users to tweet, for example, “accept mashable.” This would then make the account @mashable automatically follow the user who sent out that tweet. While many users saw that they were suddenly following a few new accounts, certain well-known Twitter users were bombarded with hundreds of new follows.

The new guard of Twitter celebrities as revealed by the bug is pop-culture heavy. Although Bill Gates and Barack Obama made the cut, Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber scored much higher for follower-happy users. And celeb blogger Perez Hilton ranked as the fifth most popular Twitter account for the exploiters of the “accept” bug.

But the one queen who ruled them all was Oprah, who garnered the most attention in the form of forced-follows during the bug’s short lifespan.

Here’s breakdown of the top 20 Twitterati who were force-followed this week:

Another interesting point to note is how many folks ended up exploiting this bug before the folks at Twitter shut it down. Almost 6,000 tweets were sent that forced another person to follow the tweeting user. Many others discussed the bug after the loophole had closed, but those tweets comprised just 28% of “accept” bug-related tweets.

Many thanks to RowFeeder, a nifty tweet-tracking tool, for the data and graphic.

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