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Even more details about Google’s Smart TV service have swept the web as its likely debut approaches. Will it succeed in bringing the web to TVs across the world?

We first got word of Google TV in March with rumors that DirectTV and Google were partnering on programming for a set-top box. The picture became clearer though when Sony and Intel surfaced as likely partners in the creation and distribution of an Android-based set-top box.

While nothing’s confirmed yet, the box, now dubbed Smart TV, will likely integrate web services into TVs, run Android apps, and could retail for $299.

While we’re betting that a lot more details will be revealed this week at the Google I/O conference, we wanted to check in with our readers on the subject. Does Google TV excite you? Do you think you’ll buy one? What will it have to do different than other set-top boxes to succeed?

Cast your vote in the poll below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Google’s Smart TV: Do You Think You’ll Get One?survey software

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