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Well, the basic principle of SEO is to generated visitors of one website, right? But it is so lamed to “click here” and “click that” using Social Bookmarking, is there a faster way to generate links using black hat SEO? i am so curious about it.

SEO guy has a good point. My site is new and is on top 4 of google for the term “guaranteeing results from advertising” the site is I used a long keyword phrase.

Use long keyword phrases for a new site and build them smaller as they go on. this is a 4 word phrase my next goal is the phrase “guaranteeing advertising results” wich is currently on the 4th page of google the next step will be two word phrases like ad agency

On “Black Hat” It works for a short time then leaves you in the gutter. Don’t use them because you can get banned. Also they tend not to create repeat business which is what make you money, bringing the consumer back.