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I want to know that What are GOOGLE ADSENSE and GOOGLE ADWORDS PROGRAMS? Will they really work?
How they work? How I can earn from them? What are their alternatives? Which is suitable for part time? How much I can earn from them as a fresher by spending 2-3 hours daily? How I get the payment of my earnings? And other legal details.
Please tell about all free to join and work and get paid Programs. Please remember everything shopuld be free.
Please give detailed answer if possible.

There's been a great deal of discussion about the effectiveness of AdWords as a marketing channel. AdWords is highly susceptible to click fraud from the competition and Google has been less than aggressive when it comes to chasing down click fraud rings.

Also, Google promises to place your AdWord, 60 character block on sites related to the keywords you select. Many subscribers have found their AdWords on sites that have nothing to do with the topicality of the home site – the site placing the ads. There have even been complaints that AdWords have been placed by Google on non-English speaking sites.

There's little incentive for Google to change its tactics. It gets the PPC whether it's legit or an AdWord-clicking bot wiping out the marketing budgets of competitors.

There are plenty of PPC programs other than AdWords, though they aren't any more effective in preventing click fraud.

On the upside, you only pay when a buyer clicks on your AdWords. Just watch for spikes in activity. If you go from six click-throughs a day to 6,000 a day, you've got a click fraud problem.

Look, if you're going to spend money marketing your site, there are better, more effective ways to do it than those blue skyscrapers on the right side of Google's SERPs.

I'd stay away and look at other, more reliable means of monetizing a site. Look into affiliates at

Hopes this answers your question.
Paul Lalley