PPC Landing Pages – How To Create your own PPC Landing Pages. In case you have not heard recently, Google is starting to crack down on the use of replicated pages (both company created ones, and business opportunity ones), Iframed pages and domain masking in relation to how people are using them for pay per click.

Essentially, your PPC keyword quality scores will be going WAY down….and your cost-per-click will be going WAY up.

But its actually much easier than you think to create your own PPC squeeze page using free tools availabe on the internet.

I consider it an essential skill that everyone who wants to do any internet MLM or internet network marketing to eventually know how to create their own unique landing page. Eventually, yes, especially if you want to delve into the realm of Google Adwords.

Why essential? Well, it helps brand YOU as something different from everyone else, and online and in direct marketing, if you have something different to offer, that is …

Duration : 5 min 2 sec

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