The launch of Google Buzz did not go well, as you may remember.  Automatic opt-ins and privacy scares created quite a stir.  But Google’s putting the matter behind it, as the search giant has settled a class action suit by agreeing to create a privacy-centric fund.

Google is supposed to contribute $8.5 million to the fund, and according to an official release, most of the money "will go to organizations focused on Internet privacy education and policy, and will make additional efforts to educate users about the privacy aspects of Buzz."

That should be the end of the dispute.  After all, Google has changed quite a lot about Buzz since its initial launch, and the company seems to have won over its critics.

Gary E. Mason, a counsel for the plaintiffs, stated, "We feel this settlement has many benefits to class members, including providing a significant amount of money to non-profit groups committed to educating users about Internet privacy and ensuring that Buzz users can join this on-line community without compromising their privacy."

Plus, although this isn’t a point Google’s liable to celebrate, it doesn’t seem like anyone even uses Buzz anymore.

Google should at least be glad to put the PR fiasco behind it, and you can bet the company will be more careful in the future.