Netflix Users: Time Warner Considering Delays Longer Than 28 Days

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Netflix and Redbox customers might have to wait even longer to get a Warner Bros new release from their queue, as Time Warner is thinking about upping the wait time.

Would you consider dropping Netflix if they don’t feature timely new releases? Let us know.

Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes said, "So far the 28-day window has clearly been a success versus no delay … the question of whether we ought to go longer is very much under scrutiny. It may well be a good idea."

Since Janurary, Netflix and Redbox customers were forced to wait a month to get new releases from Warner Bros… soon you could be waiting 45 or maybe even 60 days, but that’s just speculation at this point, as the current contract doesn’t expire until 2011.

The worst part about this situation is that other movie studios will probably jump on the upped wait time bandwagon. Will someone please explain why blocking or throttleing content seem like a good idea? This makes about as much sense as networks blocking content from Google TV.

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