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  1. Whenever more than 2 people are on my internet, I hardly get any internet at all?
    Whenever my mom or my sister, goes on Facebook, google, yahoo, etc. my internet goes SUPER slow, and i cant do anything. I play Modern Warefare 2 for my PC and I cant even get into a game. I would like to know how to fix this. We are using Verizon internet (It’s not FIOS, but its the second highest you can get, it comes with Phone and Internet, and no one is using our home phone) Is there any way to fix this, or do I just have to wait and get new internet? Also my stupid mom signed a 3 year contract, and she didnt even do any research.

  2. If you are getting your internet to the Computer with MW2 form a wireless signal, swithch to a wired connection
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  3. You’re all using the same bandwidth, so you’re stuck. You’re taking one internet speed and splitting it 3 ways. Only thing you can do is pay for yet another service dedicated for your use. And I think that would have to be a different medium as well – e.g. not all DSL, or it’s still using the same line.
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