It looks like a whole new push to gain users, attract advertisers, or do both will soon get underway at Twitter.  The company’s confirmed that it’ll have employees based in Europe starting sometime next year.

Unfortunately, not a lot more details are available right now.  We don’t know, for example, if this development will increase Twitter’s fast-growing headcount by just a few individuals, or if a whole new platoon of people will join the team.  Or if something will happen as soon as January or as late as December.

Martin Bryant just reported, "Twitter tells us today that it plans to have a small number of people ‘on the ground’ in Europe in 2011.  The company is currently researching locations and potential candidates to fill the roles."

Still, regardless of who’s hired, when they’re hired, and where they live, this is sure to count as a significant step in Twitter’s history.  Hiring staff in a country (and continent) other than the one in which it was created means the company sees itself as ready to expand in a big way.

Twitter LogoThe move signals that Twitter’s doing well enough in a financial sense, too, if there was any doubt about that.

We’ll be sure to keep an eye out for further updates on this subject.