Facebook Can Be Anything It Wants to Be

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Facebook is a shape shifting Internet monster. With more than 500 million users, it really can be anything it wants to be. Whenever a new startup pitches an idea, one of the questions an investor might ask is if Facebook could do the same thing.
That is definitely a valid question that every start-up should consider […]

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  1. when login to facebook and click anything logs me back out straight away?
    can someone help me with this problem i was messing with the facebook gift requests and the link bar and now when i log in and click on something in facebook, anything at all, it logs me out straight away. can someone please help me out i badly want it get fixed.

  2. try changing your password. Sometimes that helps with all the techincal problems. Let me know if it works 😀

    Hope i helped! 😀
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