The Brave New World of Marketing

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This is a summary of a presentation by Daniel Lee (@danlee888), Regional Director of Euro RSCG (@eurorscg), at the iStrategy Conference, 2010.
Once again, we’re reminded that social media isn’t a final strategy. Before jumping onto the social media bandwagon, it’s crucial that we understand how it has changed the scene.
So what’s changed?
Nothing much, actually. The fundamentals […]

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  1. why does the US media persist in marketing the whitehouse lies surrounding 9/11 opposed to rest of the world?
    It is an insult to all to remain "asleep" and swallow the orchestrated brave new world that has strangled the ignorant US voter and perpetuated this disease. Ignorance is the real terror.

  2. pressure-the water is almost to the boiling point and the reporters have to make a living—i guess that ubder a breaking point who knows george might just snap-and go on a rampage—wouldnt surprise many–the entire white house are walking with heads up their qwazoos
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  3. The stick and carrot approach..To keep us living in fear of terrorism and get their support on anything they want to do overseas.
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  4. Hon,you answered your own question, ignorance is the real terror.Now the question is how do we make the rest of the population beleive that it is?
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  5. There are three sides to every story: Side A, Side B and what really happened.

    Americans will see that we were unjustly attacked for no good reason. Other countries will see that America finally got what they had coming.

    The reality is that there are some in the United States government who have made policies, decisions and authorized actions that are worthy of punishment but none of them were in the World Trade Center or the hijacked planes and odds are that those who died in the Pentagon were not in the decision making loop either. They did not deserve to be punished for the bad choices of others.
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