Today, Google began pushing out its first software update for Google TV. The update fixed a few bugs, and added some other new interesting features. 

"We’ve partnered up with our friends at Netflix to upgrade the app so that you can search, browse and watch any movie or show that is in the Netflix streaming catalog," says Google TV Product Manager Larry Yang. "You can even add these titles to your DVD queue if you want them mailed to you. Not sure what to watch? The new Netflix app will also give you personalized recommendations based on what you’ve watched before. Your TV is now an unlimited source of entertainment."

A lot of people have all but written Google TV’s epitaph because of lack of cooperation from television networks. Interestingly enough, a lot of people have done the same for cable providers because of services like Netflix. These kind of contradict each other. Either way, this will clearly be valuable to Google TV users who are Netflix subscribers. 

The new update also brings the ability to resize and move the window when using dual view mode. Previously, you could only watch TV in a small box in the corner if you were using the web browser. You can now make that box bigger and arrange it how you like. This too is a significant feature upgrade. 

Users can now download the Google TV Remote app for Android and do new things with their Android devices. "For instance, try using the integrated voice search which allows you to find your favorite shows and movies just by speaking into your phone," explains Yang. "Or, go from small screen to big screen by sharing videos and websites directly from your phone to your TV."

Finally, when you search for a movie, Google TV will show you a movie results page that will show all films associated with the title you searched for. Content comes from  live TV, Netflix, Amazon Video on Demand, etc. 

The remote app is currently available. The update itself will roll out throughout the week.