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  1. Can you salary negotiate via e-mail this holiday season?
    I have a job offer from a university. The offered salary was $300 lower than my current salary. I negotiated and they agreed to pay me that extra $300. I have until Jan 7th to give them my answer. However, I know the woman who made the decision to offer me the job because I used to work for her husband.
    Now, I think I made a mistake by not asking the university to beat my current salary. The university is closed for two weeks for winter break, but I can still reach the woman in charge via e-mail as I am sure she’ll check her university e-mails during holidays.
    What do you think about my saying something like "I appreciate your decision to offer me the job and matching my current salary, however, the university is farther away than my current job. Can you take that into consideration, and increase the offered salary to take into consideration the extra mileage I have to put in for commuting? I know this would be 2nd salary negotiation, but if you can consider this, I would
    appreciate it, and I would be able to give you my answer to the offer sooner than Jan 7th".
    I would have to say that in an e-mail as she won’t be reachable during the holidays. Maybe I should CC the University’s HR?
    If I do the above, and whether she says yes or no, I can still decline the offer, as I am not desperate. Maybe she’ll change her mind and withdraw, but HR said they don’t think withdrawl will happen.

  2. I think you are in a very precarious situation to be carrying on further salary negotiations. You don’t usually get multiple opportunities to negotiate your salary unless the position changes. I would recommend waiting until the person involved is back in the office and speak to her directly. You will not want to risk an email being mis-interpreted at this point in your negotiations.

    Good Luck!
    References :
    Senior Financial Controller

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