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I have an XV6700 with WM5. By default it has the start button at the top so I can get to my programs, but at the bottom of my screen there's another tab with a shortcut to my calendar and contacts. I have downloaded shortcut software to change it but there are no settings to change these two programs to something else. I don't use the calendar or even the contacts. Can these programs be changed to IE or Media Player for example.
I want to change the programs on my command bar at the bottom of the screen. Right now I have a PPC6700 with WM5. The two programs on the Today screen I can get to from this bar are Calendar and Contacts. Can these programs be changed with another app? Or can this bar be hidden?

without installing new software you can delete items in the "new menu."

go to start —> settings —> menus —> new menu

uncheck all the items you do not like to see there. i do not know about adding new ones that are not specified by the OS. i suppose you will need software for that.

if you'd like to make your ie or media player more accessible, why don't you just put them in your start menu's main menu?

go to start —> settings —> menus —> start menu

you can check the 9 programs you use most often.

you can also put items on your desktop, the way you do with your real pc. i use this program called "Skat desktop" ( ). it has other nifty features as well. its desktop manager is awesome!