Web Giants’ Resolutions for 2011

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A year is coming to a close again. How was 2010 for you, and what resolutions have you planned for a better 2011?
The guys at JoyOfTech have wrapped up the year with some resolutions they think our web giants like Twitter, Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft will be making for the year 2011.
Enjoy and happy holidays!

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  1. What is your new years resolution?+BQs?
    If you do not have one, what is one thing you hope to improve on in the near future?

    BQ1: Do you think 2011 will be a good year?
    BQ2: What is your favorite song at the moment?
    BQ3: Was are some highlights of 2010?
    BQ4: What is one thing you have planned for 2011?

    I really want to become more organized and get better grades. I need to not wait until last minute to get my work done. I also want to be more healthy, eat less junk and exercise regularly.

    BQ1: Do you think 2011 will be a good year?
    I think it will be a fantastic year. I have some exciting things planned and if everything goes relatively the way it should 2011 will be the best year of my life.

    BQ2: What is your favorite song at the moment?
    I don’t have a favorite song right now but I really like a song called Dreamer by Jenn Grant.

    BQ3: Was are some highlights of 2010?
    I have so many but I will pick 5.
    1. In february my school went on the ski trip. We had to wake up at 5 to be there by around 6 I think. The night before my friend slept over so we could go together in the morning. We stayed up all night and the next day we weren’t even tired. I’m pretty sure we were just running on adrenaline.
    2. The second would be the May 24th long weekend. My friend had a sleepover birthday party on the friday night and we drew all over ourselves. Then Me, my twin sister, and my other friend(the one in the first memory) came back to our house and we waited for our dad to pick the 3 of us, and my brother up so we could go to my aunt’s cottage that was 7 hours away for the long weekend. My dad decided to take a "short cut" that ended up taking more time because it was a dead end. So we finally got there and had the best weekend of our lives. When we got back our whole bodies were sun burnt and we were so sore but it was completely worth it.
    3. Summer camp! It was a 12 day session. We went on a 4 day canoe trip. 4 days were spent canoeing, singing, smelling, and just having fun. On the last day we were going to be picked up at the side of the road. We had gone through swamps and rain and we were wet waiting beside the road for hours in wet stinky clothes. When we first arrived at our final destination we ate lunch and we had to eat all of our left over food. We had a giant bag of pretzels and one raw potato. Everybody had to eat one bite of the potato. It was gross. The bus finally came to get us and on the bus there were 2 packs of COOKIES! Cookies never tasted so good. The whole ride back we listened to blasting music. It was great. The showers when we got back were heaven.
    4. The second last one would be my school’s grade 9 retreat. We went to a camp for 3 days. It was really fun but the most memorable part was the second day. It was a beautiful day all day until 5 pm. All 200 of us were eating dinner in the dining hall when a huge gust of wind comes through the doors. It then started pouring and there was lightning. We weren’t allowed outside until the storm stopped. it lasted 5 hours. We entertained ourselves for about 3 hours with board games and stuff but everyone was getting restless. We then did a cheer competition. All of us grade 9s were split into groups and we made cheers. Then the PALS(student leaders) performed some skits and then we had a dance. The bus ride back was awesome. We listened to music and everyone felt like a family.
    5. My school is different and every wednesdays we have this special thing called wednesday sessions. Basically they are sessions that you get to pick and there are things like Yoga, soccer, chess, knitting, cooking, and other things. Each unit lasts 4 weeks. For the first one, I was in cooking and it was all morning. So for 4 weeks every wednesday morning I would go to the cooking wednesday session. There were 4 cooking stations with about 5 people at each one. One day we cooked Fettucini Alfredo and chicken. I was in the same station as my crush and we cooked the fettucini alfredo together. Then we found a heart shaped piece of chicken. He doesn’t know that I like him but I have for 3 months. Since September.

    BQ4: I’m going back to camp for the leadership program that is 21 days. I also want to become one of the PALS. A lot of people have told me that I should be one.

    If you read this whole thing, tell me. I don’t expect anybody to though.

  2. Mine are to stop biting my nails and loose some weight.

    BQ1 – No it will probably just be as miserable as the others I usually get my hopes up for a new year but not this time.

    BQ2 – Please don’t let me go

    BQ3 – I managed to audition and get into the main perfomring arts group in my area1
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  3. I don’t have one yet.
    BQ1: 50/50 on that. It seems like its gonna be good, due to the fact my crush of 2 years asked me out, and my mom has been sober for 3 months, but if my mom goes back to her old habits of drinking and I relapse on cutting, no.
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  4. To get straight A’s and be happy.

    BQ1: Yes.
    BQ2: Tonight – fm static
    BQ3: Going to Michigan.
    BQ4: Nothing at all, but I want to be happy for sure.
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  5. I hope to improve on being more talkative and to be more confident in myself and what I do. And also to stop biting my nails and to have more self worth and to do things on time (:

    BQ1: I think that 2011 will be whatever I make it. It all depends on my effort and willingness. But I pretty much think that it would be better, that’s what I’m hoping for. We can only hope for the best, right? (:

    BQ2: My favorite recent song is "Back to December" by Taylor Swift. Though I like the older songs better than the recent songs that plays on the radio now (:

    BQ3: Well in 2010, I basically become more honest with others (family) and I tried opening up to my family more (:

    & No, I didn’t read the whole thing, ?
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  6. My biggest resolution is to be a better Christian, mother, and wife.

    BQ1 I think that 2011 will be a pretty good year. I’ve had my share of bad years and I don’t think I can have a worse year than 2009, so it’s only up from here.
    BQ2 I don’t have a favorite song. Not really into choosing favorites
    BQ3 The best part of 2010 was starting college after 3.5 years since high school. Also moved in to an apartment after living with family for a year and a half.
    BQ4 Focus on college and find a new church that I feel comfortable in.
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  7. Mine is to be more outgoing. I’m really shy so I hope to improve that this upcoming year. I also aim to get good grades and find a new hobby or interest.

    BQ1: I hope so, but I have a feeling it will be.
    BQ2: Grenade by Bruno Mars and It’s My Life by Bon Jovi.
    BQ3: I went to San Francisco, started high school (not good by the way), and.. well that’s about it.
    BQ4: To volunteer at a children’s hospital.
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  8. To stop biting my nails, stop cracking my knuckles & come out of my shell.

    BQ1: Yes and no. I think it will be because it’s a fresh start, it’s going to be a new year and a new me. No because I have the Junior Cert (similar to GCSE’s) in June and I’m dreading that. Yes because I think the economy will improve as (in my opinion) it did this year.

    BQ2: Glee Cast – Own My Own and Owl City – Rainbow Veins

    BQ3: My self-esteem has increased a lot. For 4-5 years I hated myself, thinking how better everyone was if I was never born/never existed and last year was my worst year, I constantly criticized myself on not being able to do anything right, told myself that I was a waste of space and I was generally unhappy. I’m completely different now. I’m more optimistic, more confident in myself, a lot happier and I like myself now:)

    I’m talking to people in my class more. I’m really shy and quiet normally but I think I’ve come a long way compared to when I was younger.

    I conquered my fear of roller coasters and water slides (I’m afraid of heights and tight spaces, seems silly but so what:P). For about 7 years I refused to to get on any roller coaster, but this year I did. All my life I never got on a water slide and I did.

    I have a new outlook on life. Normally I’d say ”What’s the point?” when offered a new opportunity, but now I say ”You only live once”. And I live by the second quote.

    BQ4: Christmas! Haha jk, maybe/maybe not go on a holiday? Because of the state of the economy, my family hasn’t been able to afford a holiday and hopefully next year we will.

    I didn’t read the whole thing,sorry. When I read rather than hear about other people’s experiences (besides in books) I get all confused. 😛
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  9. BQ1: Do I think 2011 will be a good year? Yes, I sure hope it will be. See my best guy friend called me just morning and asked me if I’d be his date to this New Years Party, and I said yes, I’ve had a major crush on him, and we’ve been flirting for months and my best friend heard a rumor two weeks ago that he was going to ask me out but I didn’t think he would, I mean I knew we liked each other, so when he asked me out just morning I was surprised and very happy, and we’ve been flirting majorily all day, so I’m hoping to kiss him tommorow night, and I’m hoping this guy will be the guy I lose my virginity too and my first kiss and first everything, and marry and have his baby, I’m actually sure he will be the one, I’m postive he will be, he’s such a great guy, and always has been a nice guy, but he’s not a virgin, but I don’t care I love him, he’s 18 and he’s so hot and we’re officially together 🙂

    BQ2: What is your favorite song at the moment? To be truthful, I really don’t know, but any love song or sad song

    BQ3: What was some of my highlights of 2010? well the best highlights were my best guy friend (the one I’m now going out with) asked me out today and he’s my first boyfriend 🙂 And I became an aunt this year, my sister and her husband had their first baby 🙂

    BQ4: What is one thing I have planned for 2011? Well the best things I have in store for 2011 is being my best guy friend’s girlfriend, and this summer my friends and my boyfriend and their boyfriends are going to the states (Florida) to go on vacation 🙂
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  10. I really want to finish writing my novel.

    I think it will be very interesting. Woot woot! I’ll be 15! 😀
    Night of the Hunter by 30 Seconds to Mars
    1. When I got into the band 30 Seconds to Mars.
    2. When I got accepted to this Summer camp I really wanted to go to with my sister.
    3. When my hair grew past my shoulders. (It had been really short for 2 years)
    4. When I read the Maximum Ride series.
    5. When I saw one of my best friends that I hadn’t seen in a year.
    I plan on being nicer to my "enemies" or people who aren’t really my friends.
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  11. The biggest thing is to lose weight, but what it probably should be is to eat better and exercise more, and I guess the weight loss will come with that. I also want to stop procrastinating, get more organized, and be more responsible and independent.

    BQ1: Do you think 2011 will be a good year? I hope so. I’ll be starting my junior year, and I know that’s going to have a LOT of work. But I think it has a lot of potential, too.
    BQ2: What is your favorite song at the moment? Chelsea Dagger by The Fratellis. It’s kind of old, but I discovered it recently and can’t stop listening to it.
    BQ3: Was are some highlights of 2010? Sleepovers with my friends, getting a 4.0 my first semester of high school, playing tennis, a couple of fun school projects, a couple of classes that turned out to be surprisingly fun, going to Starbucks after school with my friends, and more than anything, just getting to a point where I’m happy with my friends and I feel like I fit in.
    BQ4: What is one thing you have planned for 2011? As of right now, nothing out of the ordinary.
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