Singapore Loves Facebook

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Last year, 40 percent of Singaporeans were on Facebook. This year, the proportion of Singaporean Facebook users has increased. As of today, 48.9 percent of us are connected on the social networking site. The figure is derived by dividing the total number of Facebook users in Singapore (from Facebook ad platform) by the total population. […]

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  1. I fell in love on Facebook and we never met!!?
    I got to know this guy recently on Facebook. He was a friend of another Facebook random friend that I was chatting with regularly and I have never met either of them.

    Here’s the details:

    He was curious how come his friend knows me since I am neither Taiwanese or American and they are don’t know anyone from Singapore or Australia. He is Taiwanese American and I am a Singaporean living in Australia.

    He added me on MSN (he got my details from my FB info) and we chatted for 6 hours the first time we chat and the same day, he called me from US on his mobile and we chat for another 3 hours on the phone. We realised we have quite of lot of similarities but that wasn’t enough for me to like him.

    Over the span for the next one week, we started chatting on Facebook uisng FB email on a daily basis for about 4 hours each day and he told me he likes me. I liked him back and my insecurity about our not-so-clear relationship made me really frustrated and after I cried on the phone one day he said we should cut off all contact. But i liked him enough to try to persuade him to change his mind and I wrote him one long email explaining things. We became friends again and 2 weeks later I told him I love him and he also told me he loves me. Then we declared our relationship on FB.

    One month into the relationship though I find him very detached and insensitive. He is more interested in watching the TV, going out with friends, playing golf or reading than to talk to me on the phone or online. He claims he loves me and I think he is interested in me too but I just don’t think he is that into me and it really hurts because I love him very deeply.

    I am trying to save money so we would meet up soon but I am also afraid that things would not work out between us because I have already developed too much feelings for him prematurely.

    PS: I know for certain he likes me but I am not sure if it is love or just like. He was very scared that I would break up with him ob V-day recently and I do have depression. He was very concerned about my safety when he thought I was going to commit suicide. However, he is just too "cool headed" to convince me he loves me.

    What should I do?
    Ok. I think the one with the malfunction is me because I am totally going crazy over him.

    I met my ex on ICQ when I was 17 and we dated for 7.5 years so I do believe the online relationship can work. We eventually brought up because I can’t stand his parents and our parents hate each other but such thing can happen to anyone even if you meet in school or are next door neighbours

  2. You cannot be in love through the internet or phone for that matter. Sorry but no. That’s not how it works. Of course he’s gonna wanna go out and do stuff, he’s never met you! He’s not going to be online ever second to talk to you! If you want to meet him, then meet him. Then maybe you can have a real relationship.
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  3. whoa this is long……. okay first long distance relationships never EVER work 2nd how do u fall in luv with someone through facebook? third maybe he already has a girlfriend. but i think u should probably talk to him b 4 visiting an ask him wats his malfunction is
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