What could happen in Social Media in 2 Hours? Be Surprised

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In 2 hours, many things could happen on the Internet. Petra Neiger, a Cisco employee and blogger, got inspired to find out what could have happened in the social media sphere after spending 2 painful hours travelling from San Jose to the San Francisco International Airport last week (catch her story here). Her research on […]

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  1. I don't like people.?
    Don’t get me wrong. It’s not like I isolate myself and shoo everyone away. I’m actually quite social. I joke around, laugh all the time, and have no enemies, which is surprising, considering all the "drama" that happens in my friends and co-workers lives. I’m the nice girl, the girl that is just there. Doesn’t cause problems and doesn’t stand out much. Just there.
    I always wondered why and I realized, I DON’T LIKE PEOPLE! I’m 17 and the kids these days are just, wow. It is true, teens these day are so influenced by media. "Yeah dude that party last week was so tight!" I mean c’mon shut up. I bet there were just a bunch of kids chatting and sitting on some couch. Or the reasons people go out with one another. "Oh he’s cute, I like him." Seriously? I wish I could just spill everything out but it’d probably take an hour or more to read. I sometimes wonder if I’m alone in thinking this? And actually, it’s not just teenagers, I see it in adults, my very own mother. She gives herself so much credit in everything she does. I don’t know. These two paragraphs don’t even come close in what I’m trying to convey.
    Anyone feel the same?

  2. You are not alone! I have noticed that some people actually live by the media. I have always been the guy that agrees with everyone and never causes trouble (at least not intentionally).

    The US is an extremely extraverted society. American society as a whole does not really respect introverts.
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  3. omfg your kinda thinking like me i hate that sooo much to their like "Yeah dude that party last week was so tight!" i’m like stfu seriously ur going to bragg about that to just think ur so cool b/c u went to a party, i mean c’mon. Plus there is a lot of drama but i hardly get in it lol i’m like u i’m like there just in the middle. and my sister she always does that she’s like he’s hot i’ll go out with him………2 weeks later she’s single i’m like wtf stay with someone or just stop going out. well i totally feel the same and the girl that said u need some therapy STFU!! and get a life ur self
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    my thoughts

  4. Your definitely not alone in hating people…its become quite common…because a lot of people today are idiots that just follow and are afraid to be individuals or do what makes sense. Just talking about it makes makes me hate people, stupid war, stupid females that date guys w/ six packs, mistakenly have children, ruining someones life before they’re born in turn creating another problem for society, I hate racists, I hate religion, but ya lol were not alone. 🙂
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  5. im 16 and i think that youre just putting things in to your head, sometimes i get like that but its because its in my genes and my mom tells me that i shouldnt do it as im only putting things into my head and just because my foster sister hugs my mom doesnt mean that shes trying to take over because thats what i sometimes think.. i actually think you might be jealous to be honest.
    i understand everything what you are trying to say and my verdict is that you are just grumpy and this is actually worrying for your age because you are 17 youre meant to be out there having fun leave the grumpiness to the 50+ lol.
    so what if someone says a party was tight they probably was lying or probably wasnt i have been to lots of parties where it has been really fun and noo thats not what parties are not to "sit on a couch" everyone gets up and dances and drinks they basicaly have fun with there lives.
    and just because someone says oh hes cute i like him whats that got to do with you? i think you need to speak to someone because you cant be like this at your age its called being grumpy as i said and grumpy comes in the category of loneliness… next time you hear someone say something dont just think this that and the other think positive not negative its not like anyone is coming up to you punching you in your face like "listen to my conversation bytch! this party was hot i bet your jealous" if they are lying so what it sounds to me that you might be a bit jealous too, go to a party instead of watching on tv what parties are like go to a real one and then see for yourself.
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  6. I’m 33 and can’t stand 21st century people. I hate the contrived ‘oh my God’ style drama. Whenever I turn on the TV, inevitably my first reaction is ‘Oh f*ck off’ as I’m presented with some moron crying hysterically about some non-event. It’s not just on telly either, everyday life is full of morons whose language and manner is completely affected by American TV shows.
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  7. I dont like ppl either! No one listens to me and no understands me either!! Its not me, it’s ppl!!!
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    I dont like ppl

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