Not much info is available at this point, but the parents and teachers of scientifically inclined 13-18 year olds (along with the 13-18 year olds themselves) might want to stay close to their computers tomorrow morning.  At 9 AM EST, Google intends to announce the first-ever Google Science Fair.

Google’s described the event as "the world’s first online global science competition," and some interesting partners are also involved: CERN, LEGO, National Geographic, and Scientific American. 

As for who’s eligible and what’s at stake, a paragraph on the specially created Google Science Fair Channel on YouTube stated, "Students aged 13 – 18 from around the world are invited to enter and compete for awesome once-a-lifetime experiences, scholarships and real-life work opportunities."

Additional information is supposed to be shared during a live event on the YouTube channel tomorrow morning.  There’s also a more traditional Google Science Fair site that should be updated at some point.

We’ll go ahead and wish good luck to all potential Google Science Fair participants.  It sounds like the search company and its partners intend to make this a very rewarding experience.