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First, congratulations to India as the iPad was finally introduced to the majestic country on Friday. However, sales were expected to plummet because of its late introduction, 10 months after it was launched in the U.S. We had also seen how MTV India used Twitter to push ‘Roadies 8′ into Twitter’s trending topic list. Perhaps, the […]

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  1. I need investors for a hi tech company going public later this year. Where is the best place to find them?
    Our technology will add much value to cable, FM radio, cellular, and satellite companies. "Ultra-narrow band modulation".

    We successfully demonstrated the technology to 50 industry execs, and technical people last week in Sarasota, FL. We own or license all the technology. We have much interest in licenses from that meeting and are working our way through those opportunities. $6 million for Scandanavia, $5.5 for Africa and Middle East. We have been in talks for $75 million for Asia and Europe. U.S. cable companies were there. Nokia has shown an interest. We need more money for labs and engineering.

    We have raised about $350,000 so far, have been in business for 1 1/2 years, and we should make a very substantial company. Private stock available for $.25 per share.

    Where should we look for investors to bridge us until licnesing money comes in?

  2. When I worked with a company preparing for an IPO, we had a lot of gap which required many small investors. We pitched to the customers who would benefit from the technology (in our case, physicians utilizing the product). That brought us a lot of success.
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  3. I recommend you the Book Zero to IPO, wroted by David Smith.

    Zero-to-IPO plots out the life of a high-tech startup in the context of a journey. The journey starts at Zero with the formation of a private company to commercialize a new technology or invention. This journey terminates when the company ceases to exist as a private, independent corporation – at IPO, Acquisition or Shutdown.

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