OpenX Launches New Ad Platform, Secures Groupon As Customer

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Assuming it didn’t already, OpenX should definitely have Google’s attention now.  The company launched an updated version of its OpenX Enterprise ad technology today, and in the process, announced that it’s secured Groupon and Orange (the telecommunications entity) as customers.

An OpenX spokesperson explained in an email to WebProNews, "OpenX’s new platform, the company’s Software as a Service ad serving product for large publishers, is already being adopted by leading companies including Orange-France Telecom Group in Europe, Groupon in the United States and Excite in Japan."

That’s quite significant, considering that Google recently tried to buy Groupon.  Also, Orange used to have a deal with DoubleClick, a subsidiary of the search giant.

The OpenX spokesperson then continued, "The platform becomes available today and will allow publishers to maximize revenue more efficiently and effectively in the increasingly sophisticated ad landscape.  By optimizing all ad revenue channels in real-time and in one place, we think this new platform represents breakthrough technology for the online advertising industry."

It should be interesting to see what happens next.  All sorts of companies might be willing or eager to follow Groupon’s lead.  If they don’t encounter any problems, a second wave of firms might give OpenX’s ad tech a shot, as well.

Again, it’s hard to imagine Google isn’t paying close attention to all of this.

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