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Datta Live on the Night of Miracles – Free Conference Call

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The most important date of the Year 2008 is March 5th in the U.S. and March 6th in India. It is called Sivaratri.

What is Sivaratri? Sivaratri means the night of Siva. On this night of Siva, everyone has a chance to transcend mind and get in touch with the almighty. The night of the Siva and the moon occupies a very very auspicious position and it is just before the new moon. Miracles happen during this time.
Datta hosted a free worldwide conference phone call with devotees in order to transmit blessings. Datta wants to help create a world without pain or disharmony, Satyuga, the golden age of miracles: “Nobody should suffer. Karma has to change. Everyone should have a break. That is my prayer during the upcoming Sivaratri night. I welcome all of you to participate in the call.” – Datta

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Duration : 0:4:57

[youtube VCRYzVpQVnE]