One of Bing’s Facebook fans brings up a good point about the search market. Google is simply ingrained in so many people’s online habits, Bing’s biggest challenge is to simply keep Google users from being sucked back into the Google way. 

Have you tried to use other search engines besides Google, only to find yourself coming back? Was it for the quality of results or just out of habit? Let us know

Daniel WillisHow can I adjust to bing? I like the search engine just I am in the grip of google :/ I always end up using google again.18 hours ago Like 1 comment

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Bing reminded everyone this week that it is still behind in some aspects of search, when it announced personalized search results based on location and history.Google has been personalizing search results based on these factors for quite some time. The announcement doe show that Bing is improving, however. 

Meanwhile, as Google’s search quality is repeatedly called into question, one of  the biggest things it has going for it is probably the fact that it is indeed a habit for so many people, because it has simply dominated the search market for so long. 

Bing has a new weapon in this battle, however. Last year, Microsoft launched Windows Phone 7. Initital sales of the devices that run this platform weren’t too mindblowing. Now, as you may have read, Microsoft has entered a strategic partnership with Nokia, which will see its phone OS being used across Nokia devices. And guess what – Bing will also be used across these devices as the default search. 

Habits are a lot easier to break when the default is the alternative. Of course, it remains to be see just how well this partnership will pay off for Microsoft. They are, after all, competing with the likes of iOS and Android, not to mention BlackBerry and webOS.  

On an interesting sidenote, Google has been making job offers to Nokia engineers.

Do you think the Nokia deal will give Bing a significant push in search market share? Comment here.