HOW TO: Spend an Entire Year Giving to Charity

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Try donating to a different charity every day for an entire year. Sounds hard, right? Well, it is, but that’s the exact goal that Carlo Ga…

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  1. How much should I spend on holiday charity gifts?
    My son’s elementary school has a program in which each student chooses to buy gifts for those who can not afford them. My son’s benevolence outweighs his sense of money, so he chose to take an entire family’s wishlist. They have asked for a gameboy, another gameboy, an RC car, and gift cards to pathmark, target.
    I come from a high income town, the median income is well over 100k, so I am wondering what exactly they are expecting here. How much should I give in gift cards, did they mean both stores or just one? There are so many different models of gameboys, the children asking for them are aged 7 and 8, so I dont think they are expecting brand new DS lites but I cannot know for sure. Lastly, is there any specific RC car that a 5 year old boy would have his heart set on? I would really like to make this family’s holiday special, but I dont have the money to not be a little thrifty with these purchases. Any advice would be so appreciated!

  2. wow, good for you. you are actually going to go out and buy those things? I don’t think the gift card should be over $50. and that is if it’s for the family. if it’s for just one of the kids i’d say $30.
    i think those gift requests for gameboys are kind of outrageous, there are many kids who aren’t underpriveleged that can’t get that stuff. but if it’s in your heart then go for it. god bless you
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  3. go to the toystore and get the gameboy with the cheaper priced games if the family can’t afford the toy itself they can’t afford high priced games to go with it older versions should be fine atleast its something

    Any RC car should do as long as its not one of those real baby type with 2 or three Giant buttons as the controls have your son pick out a car he would want or ask a kid at the store or a employee which is best but not a baby type

    now as for the gift cards I would expect that they would like both since they are not really the same type of store true you can get some food at target I’d say 50 each should be plenty but thats just my opinion

    Its Charity after all its what your willing to give a bum on the street wouldn’t come upto you an say give me 100 bucks they ask for change if your not comfortable giving alot then don’t nobody will think any less of you atleast its something
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  4. its great your son has such a big heart.. i would say go to game crazy and get used gameboys.. just ones that look nice,, with one game each,, probably just a basic mario game. as for rc cars.. at walmart and big lots you can get good rc cars for $10 and under.. gift cards they probably only need one store, if you want to do bolth stores go $10 or $20, if you only do one store go $20 or $30.. keep in mind.. you are helping needie familys, they are not expecting brand new gameboys and $100 gift cards but they will aprriciate anything you give them. i came from a family that had to rely on the kindness of others when it was xmas time, i didnt always get what i asked for but i always was happy with what i got.. and these are wishlists,,,, not requirement….
    your awsome for doing that for them.
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