LinkedIn is now blocked in China

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Professional networking site LinkedIn said its service had been blocked in parts of China, after the launch of an online campaign for Middle East-style rallies that has triggered official unease. “We can confirm […]

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  1. Occasionally, Facebook can be blocked . . . maybe twice in the past two years? However, it is well worth getting a VPN to use while you are here. Youtube is routinely blocked as are some news sites, etc.

    Witopia ( is affordable at $40 US/year. Not only does it help in situations like blocked sites while traveling, it is also helpful for anytime you are in a wireless environment.

    Good luck!
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  2. Though I won’t worry much about LinkedIn being blocked, other sites keep getting blocked whenever they find some content that’s against the interests of Communist Party.

    You cannot say which site will be blocked or unblocked while you are there.

    Here’s a Firefox add-on which can offer internet user outside China to surf the web as if they were in China.

    Just see for yourself which sites are blocked right now.

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  3. I’m in China right now, and neither sites are blocked.

    Sites are usually only blocked when interest groups deliberately spread information (or disinformation) about Chinese politics or sensitive issues like Tibet in a wide spread fashion. And usually they are only blocked for a short time while the authorities speak with the site owners.

    I know lots of chinese and hong kong celebrities use facebook, and lots of fans communicate with them on there. Facebook is hardly ever blocked because not a lot of people are obsessed enough to spread political agendas on there (except politicians i suppose, like McCain/Obama).
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