Lots of companies have a strong presence on Facebook, with Chipotle, Ford, and NBC all making significant moves just this week.  But when it comes to effective marketing in the UK, new data from Experian Hitwise indicates that fashion brands know how to use Facebook best.

Robin Goad, who shared that finding in a corporate blog post earlier today, arrived at it by examining which sites people search for after leaving Facebook.  Then he "created an Index score which measures searches for a brand after Facebook compared to searches for a brand in All Categories."

You can see the results for yourself below, and Goad explained, "An Index score of 100 would be an average, but any score over 100 indicates that a brand is getting a much higher proportion of its searches after a visit to Facebook than it does in normal search."

Not familiar with those names?  Jack Wills, Republic, Topman, Topshop, River Island, Asos, Miss Selfridge, and New Look all make or sell clothing.  (Play.com deals in CDs, DVDs, books, and the like.)

Marketers should take a close look at how fashion brands build up and interact with their audiences on Facebook, then.  Perhaps not every tactic will be applicable elsewhere, but it looks like everyone has plenty to learn.