We have a Facebook Baby in Israel, Her Name is Like

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“Wow,” was my reaction when I first read the news at AFP. A couple in Israel was apparently inspired by Facebook and named their new born baby “Like.” “We named her Like because […]

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  1. My husband has been exhibiting odd behavior but does that mean he is cheating?
    Over the course of the passing year, I have noticed some telltale signs that he may be cheating but there are other things that make me doubt that he is because he always comes home on time from work and while I’m at school and I call him..he’s always there. If I tell him to go get something for the baby from the store, he goes and comes right back. Nobody strange calls our house ever. He never comes home smelling like anything different than the usual. I never find weird credit card receipts from anywhere in particular. He isn’t making a concerted effort to alter or improve his appearance. However, I have picked on some strange happenings. A couple of months ago, I noticed that he was receiving strange text messages from a number I didn’t recognize so I texted her and let her know what was up but she said she never did anything sexual with my husband. When I confronted him about it, he said that she had been trying to proposition him for sex because she owes money to the store that he manages. She came in there with a $4,000 bad check and he cashed it because it looked legitimate to him so maybe the lady was trying to work off her debt. His story makes sense because clearly he could of pressed charges for check fraud but he didn’t. When we go out in public, he makes lewd comments about women to me and says hi to some of them while I’m standing there. About 3 or 4 months ago, I found a condom lying in on the concrete floor in the garage and he did in fact have a funny story that just didn’t add up about that…he said the homeless dude that comes and cleans his car out broke his finger and said that he used the condom to protect the cast on his finger. I’m not going to lie I picked it up to see if any fluid was in it and it didn’t look like it had been used at all. It looked like someone had taken it out of the wrapper and threw it on the ground. Sometimes I’ll check his phone, and find that he has been calling strange numbers (he never deletes dialed, incoming, or outgoing calls) because he always makes sure he deletes his texts but I ended up calling one of those numbers one time and a Mexican lady answered the phone.When we had the phone company come out and install internet at our house, he had me create him a Facebook account because all of his relatives live overseas (he is originally from Israel) and it was the most inexpensive way that he could keep in touch with them. However, he tracked down this woman named Nadia who he told me about when we first got together and said that she was the love of his life. They would have Facebook conversations that would last for hours…he would drudge up all the bad shit she ever did to him in their relationship and confront her about it. He acted like he wasn’t over her. I finally got fed up one night and told him it’s either her or me and our unborn daughter. He stopped speaking to her but befriended her on Facebook. She has been messaging him ever since saying that she is still in love with him and that she can’t get over him. He is all she thinks about blah blah blah. He hasn’t spoke her since we had our fight (or at least I think). Then this morning, I ask him for the cell phone because I have class all morning long and I need the cell phone (we share it since I’m mostly at home with baby, I never go anywhere) and he says well I want to talk to someone and what if someone calls me? Doesn’t tell me who it is. Another weird thing he does, he leaves from work, sometimes for hours and says oh he’s going to the bank but I think he has caught onto the fact that I watch the clock while he’s gone and he’s made it a point to go back to work in a timely fashion. I ask him where he’s going and he says he’s going to the bank. That’s his excuse for all his leavings from work.I told him well you’ll be at home so they can call you there but he still refused to give it to me so I told I’m buying my own goddamn cell phone. I just need to get some other people’s opinions on the issue so Help me out and let me know if you think something is going on

  2. More than likely there is a good chance that he is probably in no certain terms that he very well could be CHEATING!!!!!
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  3. 1st when your question is that long no one reads it.

    2nd there is no way to no to know 100% unless he tells you or you catch him. hire a private detrctive he will find out.
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  4. So what you are really saying is that you are searching for something , anything you can convince yourself is evidence of cheating , right ?

    You could save yourself a lot of trouble and just convince yourself he’s cheating even when there is no proof.
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  5. If you think I was gonna read all that then you have another thing coming.
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  6. Okay i’ve read through your story and one thing doesn’t add up, the condom issue, that’s sounds like he is giving you a six for a nine. It makes no sense. Secondly, when a man refuses to loan you his phone is because he definitely has something hide and fearful of you seeing it. I’d say watch him secretly, keep all eyes open for facebook activity and cell phone happenings and do this rather discretely. That’s always the best way to catch them, when they least suspect your suspicions.
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  7. He knows he is not interested in you anymore. Unlikely this can be turned around. I would pack your bags or send him back home. Either now or later, same result.
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  8. I think the problem is you. You seem bound and determined to find something that proves he is cheating. I don’t think he is and I think you need help. It sounds like you are jealous of something or someone that doesn’t exist. Get help before you ruin your marriage.
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  9. I agree there is some odd behavior being shown on his part. I mean if he’s got nothing to hide, why does he make sure to delete all of his text messages? Why didn’t he mention the issue with the lady who was trying to proposition him for sex, instead of only when you found out about her. Seems to me that’s not something he would have forgotten about if you know what I mean. That condom story sounds fishy but I guess you never know but its definitely far fetched. As for Nadia, that crap isn’t acceptable. Being friends with her and just talking about normal every day things is no problem but talking about they’re past together and what happened should no longer be of any relevance to him. I would say there is something going on by the sounds of it unfortunately and he has some unresolved feelings for Nadia that maybe he should take some time away to figure out because it’s not fair to you at all. Here he is focusing hours of energy on her who is in Israel and isn’t with when he should be focusing that time and energy on you and your unborn daughter. I would say he is cheating, you think he could come up with a better excuse than the bank all the time but I suppose when your lying you want to keep it as simple as possible so you don’t forget what you lie about and give yourself up. I don’t know I could be wrong. Best advice I can give is to trust your gut feeling because 9 times out of ten its right. Wish I would have in the past. Anyways I hope I gave some sort of insight and hope you work everything out and just do what’s best for you and that baby. Take care.
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  10. Go with your gut. Do not do anything yet because you do not have proof. Just lay low and keep watching, be secretive and he will slip up. In the meantime, see a lawyer and he will help you get it all together just in case he is cheating and then you will be prepared. Sorry this is happening to you and your baby.
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  11. Maybe he has bad bad gas pains.
    Really tho, this was way too long for me to keep up with. Sorry.
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  12. I’m a firm believer in gut instinct and there are definately red flags here. The odd numbers in the phone, a condom in your garage, a ridiculously inappropriate relationship with an ex, and continued relationship from this woman despite the fact that he was "not contacting her anymore" would make me suspicious. Why is she still able to message him. He could have easily blocked her if he wanted to. The story about the woman calling him about the check sounds really lame also. Men can tell us all kinds of stories and because we WANT to believe the best of them we believe some of the most ridiculous stories. Many times the things we look for as the obvious clues are not so evident because cheaters are getting wiser in their ways. You wouldn’t believe how many betrayed spouses find comfort in checking phones when their cheating spouses have a completely separate phone to make that contact (tracphones, or even extra phones put on their cheating partner’s plan). He may not be late from work because he may be participating in this affair during work hours. Where there’s a will there’s a way. The biggest clue is his unwillingness to give up the phone. He was either afraid of you seeing something on there that he hadn’t deleted or that someone would have called you before he could have stopped it. I would be keeping my eyes open, checking out the less obvious things, such as stopping into work, making sure you are calling the house phone and not his cell phone to see where he is, put a key stroke recorder on your computer. If you truly believe you are right you can even purchase programs that will send all correspondence on your cell phone to an email account. He wouldn’t even know about it. HOWEVER, I want to say, only you know your level of paranoia. Be careful that you are not creating things in your head that really are not happening. Good luck to you.
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  13. He’s cheating. I can tell you because the condom story is just too crazy. Leaving for hours on end; Facebook female friends, Not showing you his phone; these are all telltale signs. If I were you, I’d get my finances in order and get a lawyer..NOW, before he does. Accept that you deserve better treatment. Please leave him now, before the baby is born.
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  14. So there have been THREE WOMEN that you know he has been communicating with, in a bad/poor way.
    1. "I noticed that he was receiving strange text messages…" and he says "…she had been trying to proposition him for sex because she owes money to the store that he manages."
    2. "…I ended up calling one of those numbers one time and a Mexican lady answered the phone…"
    3. "he tracked down this woman named Nadia…and said that she was the love of his life" and "…He acted like he wasn’t over her…" but even though she says "…She has been messaging him ever since saying that she is still in love with him and that she can’t get over him. He is all she thinks about…" he refuses to cut her off for the sake of your relationship.
    And then there’s the fact that "…When we go out in public, he makes lewd comments about women to me and says hi to some of them while I’m standing there.." so he has no problem with communicating with them in a bad way, even with you standing right there.
    And then there’s that ridiculous story of why a condom was found in your garage?
    So why would you want to believe in him?
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  15. Why is he giving his cellphone number out to a woman who propositioned him? Somethings not right.
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