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Hiya, got a small essay in reference to the controversy of media effects research and am a tad stuck on this one…
Outline and explain the contrast between psychology studies of media effects and the social science research approach

Any ideas would be much much much appreciated, thank you!

Social science is very much about observing or participating in real life scenarios using methodologies such as action research, double loop learning and reflection. studying psychology is the study of known techniques and theory based on the practitioners, scholars and new and well established psychologists. Social science can in theory be applied to any environment and usually any scenario where a lab study is infeasible. It isn't based purely on statistical data collection and can be qualitative as well as quantitative.

You need to start your research on social science research. Then look at the work of known psychologists and look for what the differences are, whether there are links between the two and start to formulate an opinion on how they contrast if indeed they do!