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i want to about the availability of the above books in chennai?
i want to know about the availability of the above books in chennai.

Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility
Stakeholders in a Global Environment

Authored by: William B. Werther Jr. University of Miami
David Chandler University of Texas at Austin


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Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility: Stakeholders in a Global Environment provides faculty and students with a comprehensive, stand-alone text to support traditional and innovative courses in corporate social responsibility (CSR). Integral to the book's unique format is the real-life “mini-case-study” approach across the spectrum of CSR topics, backed by Internet accessible references. Adopting a stakeholder approach to CSR, the content and format of this sourcebook defines CSR within the global communications environment in which multinational corporations operate today.

Key Features:

Provides 45 Web-based case-studies linked to relevant Web sites for further exploration
Recognizes cross-cultural trends developing throughout the world
Encourages a multidisciplinary approach
References to the Wall Street Journal throughout
Includes Instructor’s Resources on CD with PowerPoint slides, a test bank with answers, answers to in-text questions, suggested team or individual projects, and in-class surveys/activities ISBN: 1-4129-2477-4
Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility provides a flexible and up-to-date teaching tool for upper level undergraduate and graduate CSR courses in Management, Marketing, Business Law, and Political Science.

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