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I have experience with Yahoo! Search Marketing, Google Adwords, MSN AdCenter and many 2nd Tier Engines. I'd like to start consulting but don't know where to begin. What do I charge for my services?

There are many companies/web businesses offering PPC consultancy and support. Search engine optimization companies often include this service. I suggest you check out their websites and study their offerings. charges $14 per keyword per month (even if your spend is thousands of dollars) with a $1750 per month minimum.

Portent Interactive charges a fixed monthly PPC management fee, on a sliding scale based on the amount you're spending on click charges. So if you spend $500-1000/month, for example, you'd pay Portent $500/month.

Other firms charge a percentage based on total click charges. That means you pay for clicks whether they bring you business or not – and anyone can generate traffic.

As for getting customers, then I suppose one way would be to use what you say as your extensive knowledge in PPC in getting customers for your business.