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its a debate topic. what r ur opinions on this take
is media a social watchdog or has become a peeping tom!!!!!!!

The problem with media today is, of course, money.
(Funny how many problems are caused by that stuff!)

Journalism is on life support. The era of news for news sake is gone. The entire industry is hanging on a precipice. Making a few comparisons sheds a little light on the situation.

Watch the evening news then watch a show such as 60 Minutes and compare the amount of time and subject matter covered in the same hour period. You'd be hard pressed to say today's news isn't "cookie-cutter"

Today's media is driven by sensationalism. "If it bleeds it leads" is a truism. Today's media is all about garnering your attention and stimulating your senses by covering inflammatory topics (fire, death, floods, celebrity, murder, rape, abuse, etc. ) which they force feed you, then they polish it off with a "feel good" story so you don't view the entire enterprise as negative. Your attention = media $.

Another great comparison is to view a broadcast from the late 50's and compare it to today's news programs. I won't go into detail but you'll be amazed at the loss of journalistic ability, the cut-to-the-chase honesty, lack of "spin", and it will leave you wondering, "Just exactly when did the cast of Baywatch take over the news station?"

To directly answer your question, they still act as both, but like a lot of the food today, they are lacking in fiber, sugar-coated, well-marketed, and easily consumed.