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Adwords is charging outrageous bid amounts for many of my keywords even $10 minimum for 4 – 5 keyword phrases so I need some very good alternatives that will drive targeted traffic to my site. I don't like Yahoo search marketing (too complicated). I just need to know some good services that help with this. Thanks

Getting 'organic' or free traffic is the best way to market your site and I specialize in doing just that for my clients.

To get higher results in Google without paying for them you will need to have a higher page rank and the best way to do this is to create links to those pages that agree with your keywords. This is a simple explanation without using all the webmaster jargon.

Ways to do this include:

Blogging: talk about aspects of your website keywords and link one of your pages into your blog post to help create these links.

Use Squidoo and other social sites create a lens, and links by using forums etc (a bit like this)

Write articles and press releases and send them out into the article and press release sites with links embedded into the resource boxes back to your site.

Just a couple of ideas – go here for more information: