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This collection of photos of the Captain & Tennille is made up of many of their album covers, inserts and label presses. In addition there are photos from the 1976 article in People Magazine, photos from the fan club kit and newsletters, and several of their later cds.

I had the pleasure of meeting Toni and Daryl at the Packard Music Hall in Warren, Ohio several years ago. They were such nice people, very easy to talk with and very friendly. We spoke about the state of music at the time. Daryl’s use of synthesizers influenced me heavily, and I got into music writing, Macs and midi when I was in high school. I have always thought that many of the Captain & Tennille’s tracks could be remixed by the likes of David Aude, Junior Vasquez and others to capture an entire new generation…C&TreMIX.

Like the track? It’s a cut from “Come In From The Rain” called “Easy Evil”. Easily one of my favorite tracks by the duo, its low-key sensual feel coupled with Toni’s amazing background vocals make it nothing short of hypnotic.

The track is available on the cd “Come In From The Rain” or their boxed set both available on In addition, you should check out their DVD boxed set…a perfect slice of 1970s fun.

Duration : 0:5:32

[youtube u9IFHXQLWKk]