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I know this post is a crazy one but I still would like to know is there a way to do so.

Thanks a lot in advance…

It is impossible to guarantee that all Hotmail, Yahoo and other users will see your images in an HTML email. In fact, a relatively low percentage of people will see your images.

Therefore, it's very important that you include alternative content in your emails that everyone can see. i.e. text.

All email clients can read text, and a lot of people sending newsletters choose to send plain text emails because nothing can go wrong with them.

If you definitely want to send images in your emails, then test the email thoroughly to make sure that it looks good with or without the images showing up. Gmail blocks images by default and the user has to specifically ask for the images to be shown. Hotmail and Yahoo don't do this

Here is a useful article on how to make images show as often as possible: