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Korean rock musician [Seo Taiji]-[Take One]

Seo Taiji performed this song with 3D animation music video when he first returned Korea(2000.0909) after his retirement as Seo Taiji&boys(1996) This song was released in 1998 in his first solo album(5th album), and it was the first time he showed himself to the public as a sole rock musician. Seo Taiji is called [culture […]

New CXMB 3.3 is out for 5.00 M33, 5.00 M33-3

[NOTE: YOU MUST HAVE A CUSTOM FIRMWARE TO DO THIS, IF YOU HAVE A SONY VERSION ON YOUR PSP YOU CANT DO IT THEN!] This tutorial was done on a custom firmware 5.00 M33-3 PSP you must have a custom firmware to do so. you can subcribe to my free psp service newsletters so you […]

PowerPC (PPC) on Amiga 2000

Demonstrates a the Phase5 PowerPC 603e Developers Board running in an Amiga 2000 on the Blizzard 2060 68060 CPU accelerator. Posted with permission of the author. More information at Duration : 0:6:59

Pocket PC Emulator

The Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC Emulator Is Amazing. You can run any program that windows mobile can run. You can even sync the virtual pda with activesync. Get it here: Music: Track 1 – “Technologic” By Daft Punk Track 2 – “Last Chance” By Jet Duration : 0:6:37