Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing: An advertising system based on the CPA (Cost Per Action) payment method, where websites display advertisers’ banners for free but receive payment when registrations or sales result from click throughs. In its purest form, affiliate marketing simply describes the use of one website to drive traffic to another.               […]

Spring into Action with These Affiliate Programs

With Valentine’s Day behind us and Easter (for some) at least two more snowstorms away, it’s time to get the calendar out and start planning your next big affiliate marketing payday. You may already have St. Patrick’s Day circled in green ink, but have you also made preparations for Plant a Flower Day? As we […]

Where Online Video (for E-Commerce) is Headed in 2011

Online video has gained a great deal of ground over the past few years, and that will not be slowing down as we head into the new year. In fact, we’re likely to see greater and more efficient use of online video by e-commerce providers and marketers. Yaniv Axen, Co-founder and CTO of SundaySky, a […]

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a form of marketing in which a business rewards its affiliates for the sales and marketing efforts that they undertake on its behalf. Duration : 40 sec

Optimizing Affiliate Management

There are few opportunities on the Web that give a better return on investment than a well-executed affiliate marketing campaign. It costs next to nothing to get started, but the best ROI requires a little TLC. That is why the success of any affiliate program falls largely on the way it is managed, whether that’s […]